Mitchell Grant Gibson

Mitchell Grant Gibson, 39, beloved son of William “Butch” and Leslie Lynn Murphy Gibson of Lavalette, passed away Tuesday, December 27, 2022. He was born October 29, 1983 in Huntington, W.Va. He was a graduate of Spring Valley High School Class of 2003. Mitch was employed by the Wayne County Board of Education as a day custodian at Ceredo Kenova Elementary School. He truly loved his job and the staff and children at the school. Always quick to share a smile, made him one of the favorites at CKES where he will be greatly missed. With his outgoing personality and love for music, he also enjoyed working as a DJ. Mitch was a good cook and liked cooking for his friends and family. He was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Mitchell and Roberta Gibson; his maternal grandparents, Grant and Eloise Murphy; two aunts, Brenda Rutherford and Beth Murphy; two uncles, John Gibson and Larry Rowe and his great grandmother, Virgie Gibson. In addition to his parents, Mitch is survived by three aunts, Joannie Wilks, Mary Ann Rowe and Pam Gibson; one uncle, Mike Murphy; several cousins and other family and a host of friends. Visitation will be Monday, January 2, 2023 at Rollins Funeral Home from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The funeral service will begin at 7:30 p.m. with Pastor Scott Byard officiating. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Ceredo Kenova Elementary School, in memory of Mitch Gibson, at #1 Wonder Lane, Kenova, W.Va. 25530. Online condolences may be expressed at

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  1. I met Mitch while I volunteered at the elementary school where he worked. He always reached out to check in on me and even my family. He ended up having us over a couple times and made us delicious meals. He gifted my youngest son a drum set because Mitch knew my sons love of music. He had us over to get the drum set and made us dinner and then afterwards had each of us sing karaoke for it. We had such a good evening and so many laughs. Mitch you will be missed so much. We love you!

  2. Our Mitchell Grant was one that always knew how to make us laugh. He resembled his Papaw Murphy in a lot of ways not only by his looks but also by his witty comments his stories he told and the the ability to pull some good pranks on our Aunt Mary ( she was a easy target let’s just say). Mitchell Grant had a natural talent when it came to music he could sure make a piano sing. While most gathering my sister would often having him playing Christmas music he was easily persuaded to switch it up for me and often it was the sound of Elton John that he really enjoyed playing without a sheet of music to ever go by it just came natural to him. Mitchell Grant was always a great host and we were always welcomed in his home. Just a few days before he passed he told me next year 2023 we were going to start back with our Murphy Gatherings as Covid had taken so many gatherings away from us, I agreed we had let this take to much of our family time from us and now that Mitchell is gone we have lost precious memories we could have made with him that we will never get back and that breaks my heart. Mitchell will be missed by so many in his family along with life long friends but no one could miss him more then his his Mom (aunt Les) & Dad (Uncle Butch). Please keep them in your prayers.

  3. Butch and Leslie my heart aches for you! Mitch was certainly a character and could make even your worst days brighter just to see his smile!! He loved making the kids smile and would go out of his way to make their time in the cafeteria specifically a happy time filled with laughs!! He will definitely be missed in the halls of the school by everyone who knew him!! Prayers for you that God will grant you the peace and understanding that only comes from him!!

  4. Mitchell was my oldest nephew and I have loved him since the day I heard his Mommy was going to have him; I got to hear that good news first.

    He has always been a joy to his Uncle Larry and I. Through all the trials of life and love, I wound up living just down the road from Les and Butch. Mitty started spending lots of time at our house when he was little and Les was going through the nightmare of brain surgery, radiation, and chemo. She didn’t want him to see her feeling so bad or see his Dad worrying all the time, so he got to visit with us. We always had lots of fun with him and he felt at home at our house. He got along well with the neighborhood kids. He was a good kid and I never saw him be selfish or greedy or ever get in a fight. He was always a gentle, kind boy that tried to get along with everyone. I have countless precious memories of him throughout his life; I am so thankful for that.

    Mitchell was quite a character. He was always teasing and playing tricks on his favorite people; I got more than my share of his pranks. He loved me and his Uncle Larry dearly and he knew that we loved him. After losing Larry this time last year, he always took time to check on me. He would always just call or text me for no reason at all just to see what was going on, like he had always done when Larry was alive, and I knew he was thinking of his Aunt Mary; it meant the world to me.

    I have had many conversations with him throughout his short life, and I always told him what he needed to hear, especially in his teen years, even if he didn’t want to hear it, and he listened – most of the time. Like any teenager, sometimes he would get aggravated at his parents….usually when they said “NO” about something. I told him many times that he was one of the luckiest kids in the world; he had wonderful parents that gave him a home filled with love and they loved him beyond measure. They tried their best to teach him the difference between right and wrong and I think they did a very fine job. He learned to be kind and to care about people and to share from watching his Mom and Dad; there are no finer people than Leslie and Butch. He grew up to be a good, kind, and compassionate man that helped others whenever he could and I am so very proud of him. After working at the school and seeing the conditions and ways some of the kids live and grow up in, he came to realize how truly lucky and blessed he was and just what it meant to grow up in a loving home with parents that adored him. He was thankful and he loved them dearly.

    Some of my most treasured memories of him are how he loved the joy of Christmas, and sharing time and traditions with his family, and giving. He’s been that way all his life. From the time he was a toddler, he wanted to help decorate Christmas trees at his house, at his Memaw and Papaw Murphys, and at my house. I have some bird ornaments and he always got them first to make “Bird City”, as he named it, on our tree. We always left things wherever he put them; we had very unusual trees at our house and we loved them all. One year, when he was about four, he insisted his Mom buy a musical Santa for me. He was so excited about finding something so special for me that he just couldn’t wait until Christmas; he gave it to me for my birthday. I remember the happiness and joy on his little face; he was so excited that he had to help me open it and wind it up so Santa’s head would move. He was so joyful in giving; he thought the Santa was the gift but the true gift was the joy and love on that perfect little face of his. I have unpacked that Santa for the last thirty five years and every time I do I think of his sweet little face. A couple of weeks ago, he stopped by my house for a few minutes, just to check in, and I noticed him looking for Santa and “Bird City” on the tree, just to make sure they were still there. I told him I had to operate on Santa to sew his arms on where the glue came loose and that I had to build “Bird City” myself this year and it just didn’t look as good as the ones he used to make for me. He just looked at me with the biggest grin on that handsome face of his; he loved it that some things always stayed the same.

    When he was about five, they came out with tree lights that you could adjust the twinkling on and Les bought a set for their tree and one for Memaw and Papaw. He was so excited to give those lights to Mom and Dad. He helped put them on the tree and proceeded to demonstrate the different ways he could make them twinkle. To play along with Mitty, his Poppy really made a big deal of picking the twinkling he liked best. He called Mitchell his little “Krismonic Technician” and just bragged about how well he could adjust those lights. Mitty just puffed out his little chest and thought that name his Poppy made up for him was really important. For years our little “Krismonic Technician” adjusted the lights for us, till he got too big.

    Mitchell loved sharing his home with his family and friends. We spent many Christmas Eves and had many Sunday and holiday dinners there. We met some new friends there. He made us feel welcome. This past Christmas Eve, he texted me pictures of Christmas Eve 2012, the last time his Memaw Murphy could come to his house. I know he was missing her. He was very sentimental about his family. He loved us.

    He was loved by all of his family on the Murphy and Gibson sides. We are all devastated by his death and we will never get over this loss. He was happy and he spread happiness. He enjoyed life and he left this world a better place. It is some comfort to know he will be forever young and will never have to know the gut wrenching agony of losing his parents and any more loved ones, or the trials of growing old, and he will never have to live in this cold, mean, cruel world alone without the love and protection of his family. I like to think of him passing through those Pearly Gates to find all his loved ones that have gone on before. I can just imagine the happy reunion with his grandparents and aunts and uncles. I like to think of the big hug he got from his Poppy when his little “Krismonic Technician” arrived; with those two characters together, there’s bound to be a lot more fun and joy. It is a comfort to know that he is in a better place, surrounded by love, and that we will be with him again when our time comes to leave this world.

    I will miss my Mitty. He was truly a ray of sunshine.

    Rest in peace my dear sweet boy. I love you so and I am so thankful for all the warm, happy, and loving memories you have left me with.

  5. Mitchell Grant, my fun loving cousin, was always
    the best host for our Christmas Eve, gatherings.
    He always decorated his house so pretty for Christmas and cooked us up the best smoked pork. I always had many piano requests for him and he was so talented to play them by ear.
    He will be missed everyday by his family and friends.
    We love you Mitchell.

  6. Sending my most heart felt condolences to Mitch’s parents, family and friends. He was so loved and he’s so missed and my heart breaks for you all. Life will definitely not be the same without him in our world. Much love and prayers to you all ?

  7. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this individual. Myself personally always intrigued on your audio visual knowledge. Over the course of the years we had good times and sometimes butted heads, but you always were never close minded and understood from the other persons point of view. I remember on some occasions you referenced me by telling people the best concert you ever attended was Elton John front row (3 times ) where when I first met ya I made u that promise I would fulfill since big fan. You couldn’t believe that I actually true to my word when that time came. But later we partied, ate, played dice, chatted etc became closer. I can say without a doubt u will be missed by all you came in contact with. So… those people who have went before you I can just imagine them being up there saying “oh lord here comes Mitch … wonder what we are in for today” lol.

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